M E N O R Q U I N – S U N S E T

The planet gives us one of the most splendid spectacles to say goodbye to the day in the most beautiful way possible: the sunset and the colorful sky. That twilight, almost magical, that we watch in awe as we immortalize such a unique moment in our memory and even in our cameras (because it is one of the most photographed moments!).

However, all sunsets are different; besides dazzling us with their warm colors, it seems that every day the sun combines with the clouds giving us more shades and figures in the sky, some more impressive than others.






The place also plays a very important role for this spectacle, but it is not something that should worry Menorca, as it is one of the corners of the world chosen par excellence to enjoy them. Its landscapes are ideal for those who are in the adventure of capturing the sun, hiding on the horizon and drawing in the sea. The Balearic Islands dazzle with one of the most beautiful sunsets in the Mediterranean.




For those who love the sea and sailing, as well as for those who want to live a sublime experience in these crystalline waters, some questions may arise, such as: “Where would be the best place to enjoy the sunset in the front row on this island?









We, Divina Menorca, offer a tour in historic Menorcan boats through different beaches and coves, where you can enjoy the last rays of sun that bid farewell to the day. This tour starts at the historic Puerto de Mahon to start the journey to the Cueva Rafalet. Then, we sail to Punta Prima to wait for the magical moment, but not before contemplating the lighthouse of La Isla del Aire.


As a curious fact, we will mention some places where the best sunsets are experienced throughout the year on the island; a scenario where the sea is tinged with red and yellow:


  • Ciudatella
  • Punta Nati Lighthouse
  • The lighthouse of Artrutx
  • La Isla del Aire, Punta Prima



Come and enjoy this natural and main attraction of the whole island.

Menorca, a magical place you will always want to come back to.